Indian Train Simulator

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Live the exciting life of a train operator and make sure all your passengers get to their destination on time.
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If you have ever wanted to get inside one of those huge and amazing machines that are trains, why not do it on the rails of the exotic India? Indian Train Simulator is a loyal experience, since it offers realistic physics and the actual controls of a real life train with decent graphics, music and sound effects.

Indian Train Simulator is a really exciting game, because the developers did an amazing job in recreating the experience and everything feels so authentic. You can choose between different railways that you can unlock by clearing the previous one, but you also have the option to buy them with real money.

Use your skills to take your passengers from point A to Point B with no complications, as you accelerate, turn and brake and even sound the horn of your large train. If you want the full experience, keep practicing and win cash to try all of the trains available in this addictive game, but be careful, especially on the turns, because if your train trips you won’t earn any points.

If you have never played a game like this, Indian Train Simulator has you covered with a complete tutorial, in which you’ll learn the basics and the rest is up to you. Even though the game lacks many intense moments, it’s a really fun title if you are a train enthusiast and you want to experience this awesome feeling.

If you are a train enthusiast, a retired train operator with nostalgia or just a kid that loves trains, you should definitely give this game a chance, as you would not find a better option on the Play Store.