Paper.io thumb
Take out the competition and prepare to take over their territories! Play Paper.io large

Get ready to invade enemy territory and make them your own in Paper.io. Enjoy their cute and lovable character designs each having their unique art on their paths and lands. Bring out your best strategies and try to take 100% of the region. It’s a great game to relax as you can play it offline and enjoy it with friends and family.

You can easily grow to love Paper.io with its user-friendly interface and simple mechanics. The concepts of the game are easily understood and you can master it in a few trials and errors. Its controls are just swiping your finger in the direction you want your avatar to go. There are no complicated buttons and instructions, you can even play it using just one hand.

The main goal of Paper.io is to take over all the areas on your playing field. Your avatar automatically moves and it will only stop once it hits the fence. As it advances, it creates a trail that is the same color as you are assigned and you can create your territory by connecting these paths to your existing area. You can also take over the others by overlapping your own with theirs and joining it to your region. You can freely move within your territory but if you or your enemies collide with a path you have yet to convert, then you are busted and it's over. You can opt for an extra life by watching some ads and continuing on the game.

In short, Paper.io is an awesome choice for players of all ages who just wants to have a good time. You can try using different avatars and path designs. Collect them all by getting achievements or unlocking them by meeting their conditions. So get ready to conquer your enemies and take over all the territories!