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Be the biggest snake and outplay your rivals in this quick multiplayer mobile game! Play Snake.io large

Snake.io is an online multiplayer snake game for mobile phones.

What you get is a sleeker and multiplayer version of what’s considered one of the first mobile phone games. Playing is simple. All you need to do is move your snake around and eat colored spheres to grow. Make sure that your quest for growth does not involve hitting the stage’s borders or the bodies of other snakes that are getting as much grub as you.

You’ll be going up against other players in real-time. Everyone in the room’s vying for the top spot in unique ways. Most players will pay you no mind as they continue to feed and grow their snakes. This does not mean neither you nor your “roommates” can’t play aggressively. Beating other players requires you to hit opposing snakes’ heads. You can opt for a head-on collision using the accelerate button or deny the other snake turning room. Crashing on another snake’s body will cost you the round.

Death is temporary in this game. You can revive your fallen serpent train by watching an ad. Just make sure you can keep up with your opponents who would be significantly bigger than you. Starting over is the better move otherwise.

You can participate in a special event room after playing at least one regular game. These content types have gimmicks that you can use against your rivals. They will also feature a one-of-a-kind special enemy you need to beat using features only the event stage provides. You can enter an event room a few times a day.

The game provides a means of customization through skins. You unlock skins by accomplishing feats. Many of the achievements can be unlocked by simply outplaying and outlasting your opponents. Assume the form of vehicles, dragons, and even characters from other gaming franchises while you play.

Summing this up, snake.io is a multiplayer game made for quick fun but tight competition.