Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 thumb
Find your way out of the wild and murderous environments to escape with the cursed idol in hand. Play Temple Run 2 large

Run for your life and evade dangerous situations in Temple Run 2. Try and survive perilous roads full of traps and deathly drops while grabbing as many coins, power-ups, and idol pieces as you can. Enjoy their awesome 3D designs for the numerous available characters you can use and an ever-changing environment that is filled with different organisms and obstacles to block your path.

The mechanics of Temple Run 2 is simple and its controls are made to be suited for users of all ages. The goal is to survive the longest and go as far away as you can. Your character automatically moves by itself and it can be controlled by a few gestures. If you want to move your character to the left or right then you can tilt your mobile device in the direction you want. Doing a 90-degree sharp turn requires a flick of a finger and you can swipe it at any part of the screen. Sometimes you may need to jump over pitfalls and slide under vines and all you have to do is to drag your finger up or down to avoid the danger. You can do them in succession as it will then follow the next command you give. For example, if there is a sharp turn ahead and you jumped up to not fall a cliff, you can swipe left mid-air and your character will do a quick turn upon landing.

To end, if you are looking for an all-out adventure-packed game then you should check out Temple Run 2. There are awesome features like power-ups which you can activate by double tapping on the screen or picking them up as you go along your path. You can upgrade them in the store once you have unlocked them. So give it a try and see how long you can outrun the curse of the idol!