AFK Arena

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Enjoy this delightful idle RPG game in which you’ll get to take down many dangerous beasts by utilizing a powerful team of characters. PlayAFK Arena large

AFK Arena is a top notch RPG that takes the core gameplay of team based battling RPGs and pairs it with a few idling elements to make for a gameplay experience that’s quite engaging and immersive. If you enjoy RPGs but are looking for something with gameplay that’s more laidback and relaxed instead of the usual fast-paced gameplay that most modern day RPGs have become known for then AFK Arena is worth checking out.

In AFK Arena, you’ll get to travel through a mystical world that’s filled with many treacherous locations. The game is mission based and each mission consists of many different beasts that you’ll have to take down by utilizing your team of heroes. There are multitudes of heroes in the game for you to unlock and add to your team and each of these features a unique design. Each battle is a delight to play through and, since the game is primarily an idle RPG, the battles themselves are fought automatically and you’ll primarily be controlling things like your team composition and positioning.

The graphics of AFK Arena are absolutely spot-on as the game does an excellent job of executing a creative anime inspired art style. The heroes have detailed designs, the battlefields are very well detailed and there are tons of special effects to enjoy in each battle. Overall, AFK Arena is a high-end idle RPG that definitely won’t cease to impress.