Shadowverse CCG

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Dive into its story-driven campaign or battle it out with others in ranked matches in this highly-popular MMOCCG, Shadowverse! Play Shadowverse CCG large

One of the most popular mobile MMOCCGs around, Shadowverse is a triple-A competitive card game featuring turn-based combat, a story-driven single-player mode in addition to its multiplayer mode that features real-time battles, insanely in-depth deck-building offering over 2000 beautifully illustrated cards, and 8 unique character classes with their respectively-unique skillsets.

Despite being free-to-play, Shadowverse is a very generous game, showering its player base constantly with free items and bonuses, and generous card packs which makes card-collecting so much fun here... even if you're a free-to-play player. In fact, duplicate cards aren't wasted in this game because of its liquify mechanism. There are also rewarding events to keep the game interesting even for the most veteran of players in this game.