Score! Hero

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Pass and shoot your way to victory in this innovative football game that’s quite unlike the rest of its competition. Play Score! Hero large

Score! Hero is a highly addicting and unique football game that’s been built for football fans who want an experience that’s refreshing and out of the ordinary. The game throws most traditional football game concepts out the window and, instead, focuses solely on the shooting and passing aspects of the sport in order to provide gameplay that’s both strategic and highly engaging. If you’re a football fan, Score! Hero is a must-play for you simply because of how creative its design is.

The gameplay of Score! Hero, instead of controlling complete 11-player teams across the playing field, revolves solely around controlling the player who has the ball. This is a level based game and each level has a different scenario in which you must score a goal. Each level is played out by thoughtfully and creatively passing between team members to slowly work your way up to the goal where you can take the final shot that seals the deal. Although you won’t have much control over your players other than passing and shooting, the game feels highly engaging nonetheless.

As far as visuals are concerned, Score! Hero doesn’t leave much to be desired thanks to the lively crowds in each level, the detailed looking player models, the vibrant colors and, of course, due to how smoothly everything has been animated. All said and done, this is definitely the perfect game for the football fans out there.