Top 5 Mobile Shooters to Play on Your PC

If you’re on the hunt for some high-end mobile shooter games that you can emulate and enjoy on your PC for the best experience then this article is certainly for you. Top 5 Mobile Shooters to Play on Your PC large

Bluestacks is a platform that’s made it possible for users to emulate their mobile based shooter games and enjoy them on the computer and this, in turn, leads to a much more enjoyable experience as there are various advantages of playing on a PC such as significantly improved frame-rates, better visuals and, of course, more responsive and precise controls. If you’re looking for some truly top tier mobile based games that you can enjoy on your PC through the power of Bluestacks then look no further as we’ve picked out some top-tier games that won’t let you down.

The following five games are without a doubt among the best mobile based shooters that you can enjoy on your PC.

1: Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is, of course, the mobile based variant of the hugely popular FPS series and, ever since it surfaced, it’s definitely left a lot of its competition in the dust. The game offers an array of exciting game modes, fast-paced core gameplay and vast array of loadout customization options through which you can adjust your character’s arsenal according to your liking and preferences. This is hands down one of the best mobile based shooters out there and it only gets better when played on PC.

2: Tacticool

Tacticool is without a doubt one of the most exhilarating games on this list and this is because it offers some extremely fast-paced shooting gameplay and, alongside this, it also features environments that are completely destructible which leads to more dynamic gameplay and a map that keeps evolving as a match goes on. Alongside this, there are also various unique operates to choose from and, overall, the game definitely doesn’t disappoint.

3: Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is a standout game mainly due to the fact that it flawlessly executes the fundamentals of the FPS genre and consists of everything that you’d expect to see in a high-end shooter game. Packed with a vast array of unique weapons, tons upon tons of different maps, responsive shooting mechanics and a whole lot more, this is a shooter game that doesn’t leave a thing to be desired.

4: Critical Ops

Critical Ops is a game that stands out because it focuses solely on the fundamentals of the genre and provides players with a skill-based experience in which the only tool that they can rely on is their aim. While the game isn’t necessarily as feature-filled as some of the other modern-day mobile-based shooters currently available, it still provides a thrilling and engaging experience.

5: Warface: Global Operations

Warface: Global Operations is a game that bases itself on the fundamentals established by the original Warface and is a game that definitely provides a thrilling shooting experience as it consists of tons upon tons of high-end maps to play on, a vast variety of loadout customization options and some of the most precise and fast-paced core shooting mechanics that we’ve seen in quite some time as far as mobile based shooters go.

Overall, players who are looking for top-tier mobile based shooter games to emulate on their PCs should certainly give the aforementioned games a shot as they are extremely well designed and provide an experience that doesn’t leave a thing to be desired.