Clash of Clans

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Build your base, defend it and launch attacks on other people's bases in one of the world's most competitive and popular mobile games, Clash of Clans! Play Clash of Clans large

In Clash of Clans, you are treated to a brilliant PvP-oriented strategy game where your village can go from a single hut to a mighty city. Under your guidance, it will become mighty, with huge armies and a high standing within your clan. Using all the best tools of a strategy game in a really simple way you have an enjoyable game full of action and fun.

As with most strategy style games you have to gather resources, build up your base, which in this case, is a village and create your army. As the head of your village, it also falls to you to defend it. There are a lot of options for protecting your people, from a simple wall to huge cannons that destroy your enemies. There are a lot of different ways you can set these up, from a maze of walls and cannons to funneling your enemies into a kill zone the choice is up to you.

Attacking an enemy is simple, select where you want to go and then drop your troops. They will automatically attack the closest target. However, once you drop the troops they can not be controlled, so picking the best point of attack is important. Each battle in Clash of Clans is designed to be fast, making it the perfect game to play in short bursts.