Idle Heroes

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Summon heroes, deploy them into your team, and venture forth to fight the darkness in this highly-popular idle RPG, Idle Heroes! Play Idle Heroes large

Developed by DHGames, Idle Heroes is a very popular idle RPG where you'll get to summon over 200 unique heroes belonging to six different factions with their respective special skills and abilities and assemble a powerful team from them to fight the darkness. You can also upgrade your heroes’ skills and can equip them with the strongest armor, fastest weapons, leather boots and much more. You can even forge your own weapons and equipment, dissemble heroes into fragments, and fuse your heroes.

The game comes with an epic campaign mode featuring a huge variety of exciting challenges as well. The combat system in Idle Heroes is automated and turn-based. As it's automated, you'll only get to choose which heroes you want to place in your team, namely which ones to place in front or at the back. Certain faction bonuses inherent in specific heroes can be synergistically used so that even the toughest opponents will never bring your team down.

Idle Heroes is a social game too! You can join or create a guild of your own, allowing you access to several guild-exclusive features like guild wars.