WWE Champions 2020

WWE Champions 2020 thumb
Enjoy this delightfully addicting wrestling inspired puzzle that you can enjoy for countless hours. Play WWE Champions 2020 large

WWE Champions 2020 is a straightforward, simple yet highly addicting game that’s been inspired by WWE wrestling and, while it doesn’t necessarily offer the full-fledged wrestling experience, it still provides enjoyable and refreshing gameplay that players can enjoy whether they have a few minutes to spare or a few hours. Playing the game on Bluestacks is certainly advised as it’ll enable you to enjoy the highest-end visuals and smoothest gameplay possible.

In WWE Champions 2020, you’ll get to unlock and choose from many iconic WWE characters such as The Rock, John Cena, The Undertaker and various others. Each wrestling match in this game essentially consists of a turn-based match-3 match-up in which players on each side have to match together objects in their turn to deal damage with the goal being dealing enough damage to eventually pin the opponent down and emerging victorious. The gameplay does an excellent job of pairing the tried and true match-3 formula with a wrestling setting to make for an experience that feels refreshing and quite enjoyable.

The graphics of WWE Champions 2020 are straight up gorgeous and Bluestacks helps elevate them to another level. The wrestling arenas look detailed with lively crowds, the wrestlers themselves have realistic designs and, overall, the graphics of this game are extremely high-end so, all things considered, WWE Champions 2020 is a game that’s perfect for both match-3 and wrestling fans alike.