War Dogs : Air Combat Flight Simulator WW II

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Cruise the skies and defeat all the enemies of your country with the best aircrafts of the WWII era.
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If you have played games like the first titles of Call of Duty or Battlefield, you’ll already know one thing or two about fighting in the World War II, but now you have the chance to experience this from a totally different perspective with War Dogs, since you get to ride on the best aircrafts designed by the 5 most powerful countries of the time.

Unless you have played War Dogs, you would not understand how well-made this game actually is, since every aspect of its admirable, from the 24 different planes that vary between dive-bomber, torpedo-bombers and long range heavy-bombers to the multiple real locations of fighting, everything about this game is just a pleasure to experience.

The game consists of different campaigns, in which you’ll get to fight for each of the 5 biggest powers of WWII; those are Japan, U.S.A, Germany, U.K and Russia. If you’re a veteran in this kind of simulator, you’ll definitely enjoy the wide range of maneuvers that the controls allow you to do like a barrel-roll or a wingover, but if you’re an amateur, you’ll discover that the controls are really simple to dominate.

The Game also offers an option to play with your friends, since it has the multiplayer fighting mode, in which you’ll face your friends in an arena to battle and decide who the best Ace Fighter is.

Defend your Motherland; help the land of the Rising Sun, fight for the King and Country, avenge your fallen brothers and dominate new lands with War Dogs, as you fly through the air and bring a storm on your enemies. War Dogs is a great experience in all senses and we invite you to try it for yourself.