Two Dots

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Connect two brave dots with each other as they travel through a variety of unique locations in this highly-popular puzzle game, Two Dots! Play Two Dots large

Two Dots is a fairly unique puzzle game where the goal is to connect one dot to the other. Featuring various locations for you to travel to, the game frames its goal and gameplay around the locations the levels are set in, so as to introduce new and challenging obstacles, as well as keeping its gameplay fun and fresh. For instance, you'll get to fight fire with the help of these two brave dots while as you navigate the fiery jungles. The game currently has over 2500 levels and more are being added as well!

The game also features beautiful yet simplistic graphics, and relaxing music. Couple that with no time limit, you can basically enjoy playing the game at your own pace. However, if you'd like to test your mettle, you can challenge your Facebook friends to a match.