Truck Simulator USA - Evolution

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Fasten your seatbelts and prepare to drive across America on a truck in the realistic simulator game Play Truck Simulator USA - Evolution large

Experience the life of a trucker as you take and complete jobs delivering your cargo across the states. Equipped with detailed accurate interior and exterior designs, Truck Simulator USA – Evolution will make you feel like a real trucker. Either play solo with Career or join friends via the Multiplayer.

Pick which city you want to start off when you begin with your new game. You will be given a chance to choose which job you want to take. After that, you’ll take your load and then be let loose onto the road with a GPS, a short wave radio, and your truck with you. Get to experience realistic settings like day and night, blue skies and rainy days, and snow. You can even control the speed of your windshield wiper like on a real vehicle. There are eight different camera views that you can try until you can determine what works best for you.

Customize your gameplay in Truck Simulator USA – Evolution with different driving mode settings: tilting your phone, using a steering wheel, and left and right buttons. You can also choose between a manual and an automatic transmission. The former comes with an H-shifter and a clutch while the latter only has drive and reverse. There are also selections for your metrics (KMH or MPH), Slider Pedals (on/off), and you can change your tilt sensitivity.

Get full immersion by the features included in Truck Simulator USA – Evolution. At night you can turn on your headlights and toggle them if you want to use high or low. In addition to the left and right blinkers, there are hazard lights that you can operate.

All in all, Truck Simulator USA – Evolution gives a great experience when it comes to realistic trucking gameplay. So give it a go and step on the pedal.