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Develop your quiet little home town into a bustling and thriving city in this city-building simulation game, Township! Play Township large

Township is a city-building simulation game where you've been recently appointed as the mayor of your quaint home town. It is your dream to turn it into a bustling city, and that's exactly what you'll do!

Similar to other games within the genre, the game has a lot of different types of buildings that you'll need to build and upgrade. For instance, you'll need materials plants to collect a unique type of building material every day. The material you get vary from player to player - each player can only produce 1 type of material. There are also community buildings where will earn you coins and slightly increase the happiness level, as well as factories that work in tandem with the fields of crops you have in your town to produce processed goods like bread. These goods can, in turn, be sold for coins. There are even lots of special buildings that are available during the holidays throughout the year.

Township is a very social game and as such, it encourages you to visit your friends' towns often. After all, you can earn the other building material you'll need for construction, plus extra coins as a bonus!