Tiny Pixel Farm

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Tend to your adorable retro-looking farm in this charming idle game, Tiny Pixel Farm! Play Tiny Pixel Farm large

Tiny Pixel Farm is not your average farm simulation game. Instead, it has a somewhat idle gameplay, Pokemon-like retro graphics, and a very addictive hook that compels you to keep harvesting and selling your farm produce. It’s fun in a not time-consuming way!

The game begins with a sad story of an elderly farmer who lost most of his farmland to some greedy corporate people. As a result, the farm is suffering and the farmer, who happens to be your in-game grandfather asked you to help.

As mentioned, this game has an idle gameplay where you simply need to swipe, as opposed to tap, to clear the weed-filled areas on your farm and build pens, coops, ponds, and stables. Different enclosures will house different types of animals and in this game, there is quite a wide range of animals you can keep. Building these enclosures takes time but I’ve noticed that in this game, it will always present you with an option to speed-up the process by watching video ads. Besides that, you can even plant trees and set up hives to harvest honey, and gain pets who will reward you with exp gems.

Admittedly, Tiny Pixel Farm is a very repetitive game and unlike other fully-automated idle games, this game still requires you to do a lot of the work yourself. However, the game does exude a certain charm and it also gives its players a great sense of progression and discovery, making you want to continue playing just so you can add a new animal to your handbook.