Star Trek: Fleet Command

Star Trek: Fleet Command thumb
Enjoy this thoroughly entertaining strategy game that takes place in the iconic Star Trek universe that has multitudes of fans across the world. Play Star Trek: Fleet Command large

Whether you’re a fan of the hugely popular Star Trek franchise or are simply looking for a high-end strategy game to immerse yourself in, Star Trek: Fleet Command is a game that should definitely be on your radar. This is an absolutely delightful game that’s filled to the brim with an array of exciting features and content that’ll have you hooked for countless hours once you start playing.

The defining aspect of Star Trek: Fleet Command is the fact that it’s the kind of game that’ll give you something engaging to keep busy with every single time you play it. Star Trek: Fleet Command comes with a vast array of gameplay features like ship building and customization, multitudes of missions to complete, full-fledged faction wars and a whole lot more. Alongside all this, you’ll also get to build up an intergalactic base that you can design according to your preferences and liking.

The graphics of Star Trek: Fleet Command are nothing short of spectacular. The game offers a truly authentic sci-fi atmosphere for players to immerse themselves in, the designs of the ships are absolutely spot-on, the in-game animations are extremely smooth and every single battle in the game looks delightful because of all the flashy special effects going off during them. Overall, Star Trek: Fleet Command is an extremely high-end strategy game that brings quite a bit to the table.