Shop Titans

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Be your own shopkeeper in a fantasy medieval world in Shop Titans! Gather resources, craft items and sell goods to make a profit! Play Shop Titans large

Shop Titans is a shop simulation game with some RPG elements that you can play on your android devices, and now, on Bluestacks! Similar to Shop Heroes in many ways, the game will have you craft a variety of weapons, armor, and accessories, and then sell them to the adventurers of an expansive fictional world to use as they head out into various locations to battle enemies for rarer crafting materials... and yes, this includes the heroes you yourself will hire to gather resources for you.

The items crafted can then be sold at a tidy profit or even at a premium by surcharging your customers. You can then reinvest your earnings into expanding your store or better equipping your heroes. You’ll start off with a few basic crafting materials, two crafters, and several blueprints, but you'll unlock a lot more as you play.

The game is surprisingly social as well, as it features a guild system where players can work together to develop their own city. In fact, it’s best to join another city with more upgraded facilities just so you can really speed through the first 20 levels or so of the game. If not, the grind might be a bit too much for one to bear.