School Bus Simulator: Blocky World

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Level up your driving skills and take children to their school on time in this exciting bus simulator game Play School Bus Simulator: Blocky World large

Developed by Fun Blocky Games, School Bus Simulator: Blocky World is a highly entertaining simulation game in which you’ll be assigned the task to drive the school bus around the town and take the school kids to their school before the time runs out. Once the game starts, you’ll have to begin your ride from a starting point and drive towards the bus stop where all the school kids will be waiting for you and once you pick them up from the bus stop, you’ll have to make sure they reach their school on time so once you pick them up, you’ll have a certain time limit which makes this game a lot more entertaining and fun to play so make sure your driving skills are up to the mark when you play this game.

Along with this exciting feature where you have to take the kids to the school, the game also offers two other game modes for players to enjoy one of which promises to keep you hooked for hours upon hours where you’ll be driving the bus around the town and you’ll have to make it to the checkpoints in a given time. The game also features different types of school buses but they can only be unlocked once you reach a certain level so skill up your driving skills and unlock amazing school buses that will make your job a lot more fun. You’ll also have the option to upgrade your bus by collecting rewards and coins so if you feel the need to customize your bus according to your likings, you can conveniently modify it in the garage to make them faster and better looking.

All said and done, School Bus Simulator: Blocky World is a fun little game to play with an engaging gameplay and top-notch visuals thanks to the detailed environments and vibrant colors so if you’re looking for a bus simulation game, check this out.