San Andreas Crime Gangster 2017

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Turn yourself into the king of the streets, as you take control of all the territory in San Andreas.
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Some classics just never die, since they’re too famous, too good for just because people can’t just get enough of them. If there is one game that absolutely fits in that description, it has to be GTA: San Andreas, but today we have the ultimate version for your smartphone and it is San Andreas Crime Gangster 2017.

Even though the original game is an old classic, we still have some titles like this that pop up from time to time and bring the nostalgia back, but none like this, since it is an all new experience with the retro look that we all adore. Even though San Andreas Crime Gangster 2017 resembles other titles is a new adventure with many different features to entertain the veterans and the newcomers.

Controls are divided into two modes, since you have different options like jumping and using your weapons when you are walking and when you’re on a bike or a car the buttons change to allow you to drive. If you achieve the goals of every mission, you will earn EXP points to buy new weapons and items.

The main goal of the game is to clear many different missions, in which you will be asked to do different tasks in the city of San Andreas like finding vehicles, eliminating enemies, picking up deliveries, etc. While driving is important, you also have to practice your aim, since you are going to need to use your weapons every often.

If you are a fan of games with cars, guns and many dangerous adventures, don’t put limits on your fun and take it to the next level for free with San Andreas Crime Gangster 2017.