RAID: Shadow Legends

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The previous team of champions has fallen yet again to the might of the Lord of Darkness, Siroth, and now, it’s down to you to assemble a much stronger team and hopefully, Siroth would have finally met his match! Play NowRAID: Shadow Legends large

RAID: Shadow Legends is a gacha-style, squad-based, PvE-oriented RPG where you’ll recruit heroes, level them up, give them the best gear and make sure they survive the grueling march across the map. The goal here is for you to help the world finally rid itself of the corrupting influences of Siroth’s Shadows.

Being a gacha game, there are tons of heroes you can collect and deploy in your team. Interestingly, each hero also has a “player review” section where players can inform others whether or not a hero is worth keeping and nurturing. Spammy reviews aside, there are some really helpful ones with important tips that you can make use of.

The gameplay uses the typical “paper-scissors-stone" system where, depending on the affinity of your hero, you may have an advantage over another hero of a weaker affinity than yours and vice versa. There’s also “neutral” affinity called Void that isn't tied in with any other affinities. Naturally, it's always best to have the perfect counter for each opponent you face, but that usually isn't the case.

Your heroes can also be equipped with gear that the game dubbed “Artifacts”. Artifacts in this game have set effects and can be upgraded and enchanted. You can swap out a weaker item with a better quality one as well, but annoyingly enough, you are forced to pay in-game cash to do so.

So, to sum up, everything about the game, from the graphics to the storyline, just screams quality, and the gameplay itself can be very addictive as well. It’s even nominated as Google Play’s top games to play of 2019! Definitely a game worth playing!