Puzzles & Conquest

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Get hooked on this exceptional match-3 style RPG that’s going to take you on a journey across a magical and dangerous world. Play Puzzles & Conquest large

Puzzles & Conquest is a stellar match-3 game that’s definitely recommended for players who are fans of the tried and true gameplay that this genre has offered over the years but want something that has a bit more depth than just endlessly completing levels until the game is complete. The game pairs various RPG inspired elements with the core match-3 gameplay to make for a stellar experience and we highly recommend using Bluestacks to play it if you’re looking for the best possible visuals and performance.

At its core, Puzzles & Conquest plays out much like any other match-3 game as you’ll be swapping around objects to make matches of three or more but the twist here is that you’ll actually be battling opponents while you do so and every match will have an impact like damaging opponents or healing you and this leads to a much more engaging gameplay experience. Puzzles & Conquest also features a neat PvP mode in which you can test your skills against players from around the world.

The graphics of Puzzles & Conquest feature a delightful fantasy themed art style that’s definitely unlike the kind that we usually come across in this genre and is a refreshing change of pace that leads to a highly immersive experience. Overall, Puzzles & Conquest is a high-end RPG style match-3 game that we highly recommend checking out.