Off-road Army Truck

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Experience driving in the most scenic way with realistic physics, beautiful landscapes and cool trucks in this new title. Play Off-road Army Truck large

If you don’t have the time or the money to become a real truck driver for your national army, well don’t worry, because now you can experience it with your smartphone, God bless technology. Drive huge trucks across off-road locations, since you have essential cargo that needs to be delivered as soon as possible.

Off-Road Army Truck is what you would expect from a simulator at first glance, but the highlight of this mobile game is the physics around driving, since you can actually feel that you’re driving a big truck. This requires a lot of skills, because even the smallest mistake can throw your truck out of the road.

The screen shows you a steering wheel, the gearbox, the gas pedal and the brakes, use them to safely control your wagon, you can also use the tilt option to drive, but this is not so easy as it sounds, because the landscapes are as beautiful as they are dangerous. Drive safe and steady, because the roads are slim, but you also have a timer for every mission.

If otherwise you just want to chill on the roads of this lovely country, you can also choose a different way of playing, since you have the “Free Mode” to just learn your way around the controls of these big vehicles. Even though graphics are not too refined, developers did a great job to create stunning backgrounds for the gamer to enjoy.

Since sound effects, music, animations and the controls are actually developed so well, we can say that Off-Road Army Truck is one fine example of a simulator ad we encourage all of our readers to try it for free on the Play Store.