Merge Dragons!

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Restore the land of Dragonia and help it become prosperous and peaceful again in this unique merge-based casual game, Merge Dragons! Play Merge Dragons! large

Merge Dragons! is an absolute delight to play. On paper, the game might seem quite like the average match-3 game due to its core gameplay concepts but, in reality, there’s a lot more depth to it than meets the eye.

The game has a level-based system and, at each level, you’ll be assigned an objective to complete. In order to complete the objective, you’ll have to move and manipulate the objects in the playing area in order to bring them together. Once three identical objects are combined, they’ll transform into a new, superior, object and, through this process, you’ll have to complete the objective of the level which will either be to find a specific object or to heal the barren land in the level.

Other than the core gameplay, the actual end-game objective of Merge Dragons! is to return the land of Dragonia to its once prosperous and peaceful state and, in order to do so, you’ll have to discover new dragons. Every time you discover a new dragon, you’ll be able to explore more areas on the map and, as the game goes on, your goal is to eventually explore the entire game world and clear all the evil clouds that the Zomblins have cast upon it.

Merge Dragons! is one of the top merge-based puzzle games for a good reason... or well, several reasons, really. Not only is it as addictive to play as Evermerge, but it also has a cool dragon theme and plenty of amazing dragons to collect. The story is fairly cliche, to be honest, but it serves its purpose to help push you along the game brilliantly.