Marvel Strike Force

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Assemble a squad of iconic heroes in this truly incredible RPG that'll have you completely glued to your screen for hours upon hours as you wreak havoc on whoever stands in your path. Play Marvel Strike Force large

Marvel Strike Force is an incredibly addicting RPG that's been designed for the audience of players that's a fan of the multitudes of iconic Marvel superheroes and is looking for an experience that brings them all together. The game does an excellent job of delivering all the elements that strategic RPGs are known for and it pairs them perfectly with the superhero-themed setting to make for a gameplay experience that players will constantly want to come back to.

Marvel Strike Force has a lot to offer but, at the heart of it all, is the game's exceptional combat system that's without a doubt among the most innovative that we've come across as far as RPGs are concerned. This game leans more towards strategy which is why the combat is turn-based and each hero has access to several abilities that you can use during combat thereby making each battle feel engaging. There are also multitudes of heroes to choose from in general so you'll have quite the variety to form up your squad from.

When it comes to visuals, Marvel Strike Force is top-tier. The heroes themselves have spot-on designs, the environments in which the battles take place are loaded with detail, the color scheme of the game is lively and, alongside all of this, Marvel Strike Force feature some extremely smooth animations. Overall, Marvel Strike Force is a top-of-the-line experience that should be worth any RPG fan's while.