Magic Chess: Bang Bang

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Gear up and use the perfect combination of movements to battle against players from all over the world in this enthralling strategy game that never ceases to amaze. Play NowMagic Chess: Bang Bang  large

With plenty of mesmerizing battle fields to choose from, Magic Chess: Bang Bang is a tremendous strategy game that’ll absolutely change the way you’ve always played chess. The battles take place on a field that looks exactly like a chess board and your game vastly depends on how you make your moves but along with an in-depth strategic experience, your victory also depends on how strong characters you have put on the field to battle against your rival so make sure you choose the right warriors and utilize their strengths to the fullest if you want to emerge victorious. To take your gaming experience to the next level, we highly recommend that you play this game on Bluestacks as this incredible Android emulator massively improves your frame rate and offers a smooth experience.

As the battle begins, you’ll have to choose your warriors to square up against your opponent and since you won’t be up against rookies, you should definitely put the right players out on the field to make sure you defeat your rival. Along with the players that you’ll have, you’ll also have the chance to unlock new and better characters who’ll greatly improve your team and can make a huge difference for you in your battles so keep a check on these warriors and unlock them whenever you get the chance. In terms of visuals, the game is truly a masterpiece thanks to the amazing character designs, level designs, and animations which make your gameplay experience a lot more enjoyable.

All in all, Magic Chess: Bang Bang is a fascinating strategy game with captivating combat along with various other praiseworthy features so if you’re into strategy games, check this game out.