Lineage 2: Revolution

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Set off to explore the vast and gorgeous world Lineage 2: Revolution has to offer, fighting monsters and bosses, completing quests, and taking part in massive PvP battles! Play Lineage 2: Revolution large

Although the Lineage games are typically made for the PC, Lineage 2: Revolution is a mobile spin-off that retained the quality of its original titles. You may have encountered its over-the-top video ads recently and believe us: it lives up to the hype. It stretches the boundaries of mobile gaming, and it looks and plays like a triple A game.

The game is essentially an MMORPG and hence, you're expected to venture out into the vast world it has to offer, completing quests, slaying enemies, and leveling up after choosing one of 3 different classes to play as. Apart from the quests, there are dungeons you can visit. These are special instanced areas you can go in with other players, and fight off monster hordes and large bosses. Of course, successfully finishing them will yield rewards. In addition, there are achievements and login bonuses that give you a ton of rewards, making it feel like every minute you spend is totally worth it.

However, one of the strongest elements of Lineage 2: Revolution is definitely its multiplayer aspects. Other players can be seen and interacted with on the map, and there is a global chat if you want to talk to other players in the server. As you progress into higher levels, there are PvP clan wars and massive siege battles you can take part in. MMORPGs are supposed to be social and Lineage 2: Revolution is designed to be such.