Idle Space Clicker

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Earn your keep as one of the universe's most skilled bounty hunters in this fun space-themed, idle arcade shooter! Play Idle Space Clicker large

Idle Space Clicker is a space-themed, idle-style arcade shooter where you play as a skilled bounty hunter. Travel through the universe and hunt down various bounties, including challenging bosses, to earn cash! The cash you earned can then be spent to upgrade every aspect of your ship.

The upgrade system in this game is simply astounding. Besides unlocking and upgrading your weapons with dark matter, you can customize your starfighter with ship parts that fit your playstyle. There are also tons of new amazing technologies and abilities that you can research, unlock and then deploy in your starfighter so as to allow you to take on the increasingly difficult enemies.

To make things interesting, the game has plenty of exciting events whereby you can earn rare minerals. The graphics, animations, and effects in this game really help to bring the screen to live despite it being an idle game, making Idle Space Clicker an incredibly engrossing game to play.