Identity V

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Enjoy this thrilling survival horror game in which you’ll either be among the prey or predator and must do your best to survive. Play Identity V large

Identity V is a thoroughly captivating and immersive horror game that features some extremely creative gameplay that’s quite unlike anything that we’ve come across before and this exceptional gameplay has been paired with expertly crafted visuals as well as a wide variety of content to ensure that players get completely hooked from the second they get into the game.

The core gameplay of Identity V features a 1v4 style in which one player gets to play as the hunter and four players must be the survivors. The survivors must attempt to do everything that they possibly can to survive while also solving puzzles that’ll help them escape the hunter’s territory. The hunter, on the other hand, must attempt to track and take down all the survivors before they can get away. Every single match in Identity V is a delight to play and it’s also worth highlighting that there are multitudes of characters in the game for players to choose from, each with access to their own distinct abilities.

The graphics of Identity V feature a dark and ominous style that definitely fits perfectly with the overall design of the game. The environments of the game are truly creepy but, at the same time, they’re highly immersive as well due to how well designed they are. The character designs are very well detailed as well and do not disappoint. All things considered, Identity V is a game that you should definitely check out if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary.