Horizon Chase: Arcade Racing

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Race across stunning tracks in this captivating arcade style racing game in which every race is intense from start to finish.
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Horizon Chase – World Tour is a racing game that draws inspiration from the various arcade style racing games of the past that have been known to provide fast-paced and highly enjoyable experiences to players. This is a game that offers some extremely engaging and exhilarating racing gameplay in which there’s never a dull moment and, for those who want to enjoy the game at its absolute best, we recommend playing it on Bluestacks so you can get high frame-rates and top-of-the-line visuals.

The defining aspect of Horizon Chase – World Tour is, of course, the fact that it features high-octane arcade style racing mechanics that make every single race a treat to play through. The experience isn’t as realistic feeling as that of simulation style racing games but is highly enjoyable nonetheless as every race feels thrilling and the controls are quite responsive as well. The game also features top tier race tracks and lots of vehicles for players to race with as they progress through the game and take on challenging opponents.

The visuals of Horizon Chase – World Tour feature a distinct and highly immersive style which is reminiscent to the art style of 16-bit racing games of the past. It truly is a treat to race through the game’s tracks while taking in the beautiful, detailed and colorful sceneries in the backgrounds. All said and done, Horizon Chase – World Tour is a high-end game that’s perfect for players who want an immersive arcade style racing experience.