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Collect new cards and play with one of 9 heroes as you take on all comers on your way to glory in Hearthstone! Play Hearthstone large

Drawing its popularity from Blizzard’s massively popular Warcraft universe, Hearthstone was an almost guaranteed sure hit right after its launch with the fans Warcraft has amassed over the years. The lure of the game is such that even non-card-loving gamers will be reeled into Hearthstone.

After all, what’s not to like, right? It combines the popular characters in the Warcraft lore, each with their respective class skill. Hearthstone offers 9 different and very varied classes that are each represented by a famous character in World of Warcraft (WoW). Not to mention, it has an impressive database of more than 3000 cards. Note that new cards can be obtained via card packs that you can buy using gold you've earned from doing dailies and playing matches. Even if you’re not there to play competitively, there’s that “OCD” that keep nagging you to collect every possible card that you can!

But of course, the best part of all is its competitive and pretty much balanced gameplay. Deck-building is a crucial part of Hearthstone, like any MMO card game really, and if you can do that well, you'll climb up the ranks really easily and maybe even land yourself a spot in a Pro Hearthstone team. However, card games have always had some elements of luck in them and that’s why sometimes, even the best card player can lose now and then… but they just don’t lose that often.

In a nutshell, Hearthstone is a highly popular free-to-play MMOCCG that is excellently and brilliantly developed. If you love card-based games, then Hearthstone is surely the one game you mustn't miss out on! Try it now!