Hay Day

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Build up a gorgeous farm to call your own where you can grow crops, raise livestock and produce goods for profit.
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Developed by Supercell, Hay Day is a brilliant farm simulation game where you get to create, manage and make a profit from your very own farm. After inheriting a rundown farm from your aunt, you now get to grow a large variety of crops and harvest them, raise a nice selection of livestock, and collect animal produce from them all in hopes of making some cash that you can then reinvest into your farm. Best yet, since your crops won't wither and die if you forget to harvest them, the gameplay here is definitely a lot more casual than say... Farmville.

The farm produce you have can then be further processed into more valuable products to sell as long as you've got the necessary buildings, all of which can be upgraded. There are plenty of ways you can sell your products and turn a tidy profit, ranging from the sales board to special requests from NPCs, to even boats and trucks that come with specific delivery orders.

Besides having some pretty bright and colorful graphics, the game is very social as well. There are plenty of actions in the game that requires interaction with your neighbors and friends, including trading and sharing items with them.