Granny thumb
Hide from your creepy and apparently murderous granny in this horror-themed "escape the room" game! Play Granny large

Granny is a horror-themed "escape the room"-style game that puts you into the shoes of a grandchild who was trapped in his/her creepy and apparently murderous granny's house. The goal here is to, obviously, escape her house in one piece within just 5 days.

However, unlike typical elders in real life, your in-game granny has incredible hearing, and despite not having the best of sight, she's still "sees" well enough. You'll have to be really quiet and careful in this game. Every little noise you make, such as accidentally dropping something on the floor, will cause her to come running... and boy! Does she run fast for an older folk!

Thankfully, there are plenty of spaces for you to squeeze in and hide... if you only know where to look. It does take multiple playthroughs to be familiar enough with the game to know where you can hide and where you can't. The graphics here aren't the best though but whatever's there is enough to make your skin crawl.