Galaxiga Arcade Shooting Game

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Blast through your foes in this epic vertical shooter game that’ll have you hooked from the moment you start playing.
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Galaxiga is an absolutely exceptional vertical shooter game that’s no doubt among the pioneering games of this genre and easily one of the best games of its era that’s certainly managed to stand the test of time as it’s quite fun to play even today. This is an action-packed experience that delivers everything that one would expect out of a high-end vertical shooter game such as fast-paced and intense shooting, waves upon waves of enemies to annihilate, flashy visuals and a whole lot more to ensure that players who give the game a shot remain hooked until the very end.

The gameplay of Galaxiga is based around the same core formula that’s always made vertical shooters so much fun to play. You’ll get to fight through waves upon waves of enemies who’ll be shooting various different kinds of projectiles towards you and you must swiftly dodge through these to avoid damage while dishing out damage yourself in order to beat your enemies. As the game goes on, you’ll be able to collect various different kinds of upgrades that’ll help out in a variety of ways such as by increasing your durability as well as enhancing the damage that you deal to foes.

The game comes packed with so many challenging levels and you’ll have so many intense boss fights along the way as well. Alongside having intense and exhilarating gameplay, Galaxiga also offers some pretty high quality visuals that manage to look appealing even today. The game’s environments are packed with detail and they’re brought to life during battles when there are tons upon tons of bullets, explosions and various other kinds of special effects going off in all directions.

All things considered, Galaxiga is no doubt a spectacular vertical shooter game that offers exhilarating experience and is among the games that should be tried.