Gacha Life

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Create your own anime-style characters and use them in your own skits in the Skit Maker in Gacha Life! There are lots of fun mini-games too! Play Gacha Life large

Gacha Life is a mixture between traditional dress-up games and virtual world games, albeit with a gacha twist added to it. In this game, you'll be able to tap into the many anime-style graphical assets from its "sister game", Gachaverse, and use them to customize any of the 52 different preset characters available... or you could just create one of your own!

With your custom characters in hand, you can cast them into your very own skits via the game's Skit Maker. You can create scenes, add chat boxes and emotes, and even animate certain parts of the skit. With some effort, time and skill, it's not a long shot to say that you can produce a high-quality anime skit with Gacha Life.

For those who find the Skit Maker not as appealing, Gacha Life also offers various mini-games, ranging from math games to rhythm games, to enjoy along with a leaderboard for competitive players to battle over. There's even a virtual world mode called Gacha Life where you can explore the game world and interact with other players and characters. Interaction is a key part of the gameplay since it's linked to the level up system, which in turn, will allow you access to other, additional features.