FireFighter3D thumb
Drive your truck and head to the scene so you can put out the fire and save the city. Play FireFighter3D large

Come and experience a fun take on the life of a firefighter and get to extinguish the destructive flames in the city. Enjoy their 3D graphics and environment as you complete missions and clear levels. It's easy, fun and a great game to pass the time whether you are using your mobile device or your computer via Bluestacks.

Playing FireFighter3D is simple and you can understand its basic controls even after a few tries. The main goal is to make your way through the city and put out any ongoing fire. You get to drive around in your truck to find the affected location and then pull out your hose to quench the flames. As you begin your mission, you can operate the vehicle by shifting your gear from park to drive by easily tapping on the stick from P and dragging it D. You then go it by pressing your finger on the steering wheel to accelerate and swipe it left and right to turn to the direction you want. When you arrive at the location, dousing the flames can be done by also tapping on the nozzle and spraying it until you get check marks all over.

Another great feature of FireFighter3D is the option to furnish and decorate your office with various items. You can buy them at the store and it will cost you the gold coins that you get as a reward when accomplishing missions. There are also free pieces you can receive if you get lucky as additional prizes.

To sum it all up, FireFighter3D is an awesome game for everyone who wants to have a good time. Its fun and engaging mechanics make it a great choice for casual and hardcore players alike. So take the mantle of fire fighting and be the hero your city needs.