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Embark on exciting hunts in this simple yet addicting game that doesn’t cease to impress at all.
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Duckz! is a game that draws quite a bit of inspiration from the iconic Duck Hunt that came out on the NES many decades back. The game does an excellent job of providing a gameplay experience that’s easy to get into but hard to get enough of and we certainly recommend checking it out if you want a straightforward yet addicting hunting game. For the best possible experience, we recommend checking the game out on Bluestacks as this will enable you to utilize effective mouse and keyboard controls and, of course, better visuals.

The core gameplay of Duckz! revolves mainly around fairly simple timing based shooting. Your goal in each hunt will be to spot your target, wait for your aim to line-up and then shoot at the right time to hit the perfect shot. There are many different targets to hunt in the game and, alongside this, there are lots of gear upgrades as well so Duckz! definitely doesn’t cease to impress as far as content variety is concerned.

The graphics of Duckz! feature a fairly minimalistic style that relies on vibrant colors to provide players with an immersive experience. All the game’s animations are quite smooth, the colors are lively and the environments have neat and clean designs so, overall, Duckz! is quite nice to look at. All said and done, Duckz! is definitely a game that we recommend checking out if you want a simple but addicting hunting game that’s sure to deliver.