Dragon Tamer

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Capture a vast array of dragons and lead them to victory in this enthralling game that’ll keep you immersed from start till the end. Play Dragon Tamer large

Developed by Bekko Games, Dragon Tamer is a fabulous simulation game in which you’ll be using your exploration and strategic abilities to capture different kinds of dragons and train them to take part in intense battles against other vicious species so gear up, tame them like an alpha, and cause absolute mayhem. To enjoy the best possible gameplay experience in all departments, we recommend that you play this game using Bluestacks as the platform offers a truly immersive experience like never seen before.

When it comes to the gameplay, the game offers engaging, turn-based gameplay where you and your foe will be taking turns to make their moves in the battle so other than using your fighting abilities, you’ll also have to put in a strategic master class to outwit yours for. As the exploration begins, you’ll be required to perform a certain set of tasks and, as you go along, you’ll find other dragons who you’ll have to fight in order to progress. These battles are exactly what the game is about as you’ll have to win them by making the best possible moves and by executing the fiercest of fighting combos.

As you keep winning battles, you’ll be given the chance to unlock newer dragons and, you can ever enhance the abilities of your current dragons so in order to keep up with your enemies, you’ll have to make sure your army of dragons is really strong and capable. The game features top-tier combat where you can use different combos and moves to execute different actions. The visuals of the game are absolutely gorgeous thanks to the lovely and detailed level designs that take place in a wonderful world, creative character designs, and sleek animations that make the visual experience truly remarkable.

Overall, Dragon Tamer is a spectacular action game with gripping gameplay elements and an abundance of other amusing features so if you’re into these types of games, you’ll love what this one has to offer.