DR Mario World

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Help Dr Mario defeat the viruses and save his patients in this unique match-3 puzzle adventure! Play DR Mario World large

Dr Mario World is a casual match-3 puzzle game where you'll need to match healing capsules with their respective viruses to eliminate them. However, be warned! You've only got a limited number of capsules and you'll really need to plan things ahead if you are to complete a level with the capsules provided.

Besides Dr Mario, you'll be able to call upon other doctors and even assistants who are on duty to your aid. Different doctors come with different skill sets and it's up to you to choose an assistant that will be able to work with the doctor you chose synergically. It's all about choosing the best possible combinations for your playstyle. There are tons of levels to play with more being added to the game regularly. Plus, in addition to the campaign, you can even try some PvP where you can challenge others in a one-vs-one match. Every win will earn you battle points which will contribute to increasing your tier (a.k.a. rank).

The game is very social as well in the sense where the game encourages you, and your family and friends, to send and receive hearts that grant free stamina and also have some friendly competition with one another in terms of the level progression.