Clash Royale

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Deploy various units and spells in the arena to destroy your opponent's tower in this highly competitive, strategy game, Clash Royale! Play NowClash Royale large

Clash Royale is a rather unique, highly-competitive strategy game that seems to blend elements from other popular competitive MMOs, namely MOBAs and collectible card games. The game is developed by Supercell, the same team behind the very popular competitive MMO, Clash of Clans, and their collective experiences translate well in this newer title and they have even reused some 3D assets, namely the characters, too.

Gameplay-wise, Clash Royale has a very interesting combat system that's the first of its kind. Basically, there are two towers, yours and your opponents', and two lanes on the map and a handful of cards plus a deck. The goal here is to destroy the opposing tower by deploying spells and units via the cards you've drawn from your deck. Unlike in a traditional collectible card game, the cards are recycled here, so the card decks in this game are fairly small in size. The combat might seem relatively simple and straightforward on paper but there’s a lot more depth and strategy to it than meets the eye.

Matches in this game are very fast-paced as well, but the game's very PvP-oriented and has no campaign mode to appeal to fans of single-player games.