Chess Rush

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Conquer the board with your unique strategies and your fantastic creatures and turn yourself into the master of auto-battlers in Chess Rush Play NowChess Rush large

We have so much that we want to say about this game that putting it all in just one intro would be impossible, but let us start by saying that this game is awesome. Chess Rush is a combination of auto-battlers with the battle royale genre, but that’s not it, since you’ll also have tons of other cool features like all kinds of units, synergies, game modes, abilities and all that represented by beautiful 3-D animations.

Let us start by talking about how beautifully made this game is, since we have played a lot of games of this genre, but none of them has this level of animation and design. Each unit is so original and fun to watch that you will fall in love with this game in the first minute of gaming. Talking about the units, you’ll have elves, cyborgs, beasts, undead, humans and so much more.

Each one of these units will appear before each round for you to buy and put on your field, but remember that if you want to win, you’ll have to keep in mind the synergies, abilities and classes. If you want to make this easier, use the “Recommended Lineup” option that will tell you which characters match your lineup to create the best strategy.

Merge your characters to upgrade tem and create even stronger units; Even though your units are important, remember to use your mana crystals to upgrade your adorable chess avatar to keep up with the game and add more players to your field. If you want a little extra help, you can also add items to your units.

Enjoy all the different game modes and make sure to be the last one standing on the chess board. This is Chess Rush, your new chance to be the best at auto-battlers.