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Enjoy a classic chess match in a lot of different ways, play puzzles, create strategies, or challenge your friends in Chess Play NowChess large

It’s a little difficult to give an introduction about Chess simply because this strategy board game has existed for a pretty long time now. So what we’re going to do, assuming that everyone in the world old enough to read this already know what chess is, is tell you that if you want to learn the basics of chess, practicing to improve your technique or simply want to have fun playing chess with friends or by yourself, then you definitely should try this version.

If you like chess, you might have wanted to download a good chess game for your phone, but it looks like there are not good enough offers in the stores for this classic board game. Some offers are good but they need an internet connection, they don’t represent a challenge, they’re ugly, etc. well the good news is that we found one solid option for all the chess lovers and it has the perfect name, Chess.

Chess is, as you guys can imagine, a chess program for your smartphone, in which you can enjoy pretty good matches against an AI or against friends using the 2-players mode to share the screen and play with some friends any time you want. The solo matches are a good way to spend your time and improve your game, since they escalate through 11 different levels of difficulty that you unlock by winning the previous level.

If you want to make things a little more interesting, you can try the puzzle mode, in which you’ll find yourself on pre-programmed scenarios with a certain mission like “check-mate in 2”. Chess also offers great in-game features like amazing 3-D graphics, a hint button and an undo button.

There’s a lot of cool stuff here that we think all chess players will appreciate. It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a pro player, as everyone can have fun with Chess.