Chaos Combat Chess

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Experience the next generation of chess and battle real foes in real time for the glory in Chaos Combat Chess
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If you know anything about auto-battlers games, you'll be aware that most of those tiles look too serious and dark. Well now we have Chaos Combat Chess, an auto-battler game, in which you'll fight using cute cartoon characters to be the last man standing on a battle royale combat. Create the best strategy and the best lineup to knock out your enemy’s army.

Chaos Combat Chess brings a good amount of awesome features that make gamers want to play round after round without stopping. First of all you can play non-stop, since there’s no coin or credit system that limits you to play. This is awesome because too many games rely on a certain amount of tries before making you pay to keep playing.

Each combat of Chaos Combat Chess is composed by 8 real players with 100 points of HP each. If you want to be the winner you'll have to make sure to create a good strategy because if you lose and your rival still has a lot of units on the board the damage you'll take will be catastrophic. Use the gold that you win on each round wisely, since you can run out of gold really fast.

Even though you can merge characters to make them stronger, remember that you can achieve victory too by using synergies of factions and classes and leveling up to recruit more funny creatures to your field. Use the gems that you win from the daily missions and the matches to customize your character creating a fun experience.

Chaos Combat Chess is definitely one great example of this title that everyone should try, since it’s perfect to learn the basics and it’s also fun once you become an expert.