Castle Fusion Idle Clicker

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Merge towers to upgrade them and use them to defend your castle from the invading forces in this insanely-addictive game! Play Castle Fusion Idle Clicker large

Castle Fusion Idle Clicker is a merge-based, idle-style tower defense game where you protect your kingdom with a variety of towers, all of which can be obtained simply by merging two towers of the same type, from the neverending hordes of orcs and goblins, interspersed with the occasional boss fight. There are also scraps that you can collect from slain enemies that you can then use to upgrade your defenses. You can even hatch a dragon in this game!

Being an idle game, you can basically boot up the game, let it play itself, and then return to the game now and then to tap around your empire and collect some extra loot. Unlike most idle TDs of this sort, the game features an engaging storyline where you follow a group of heroes as they not only fight to protect what they love but also to find out what's causing all of this chaos. There are plenty of other features to keep you occupied and keep the game interesting as time goes on, like the Tavern that you can set up.

The waves of orcs and goblins are relentless and it is up to you to save your kingdom. Will you prevail?