Bubble Shooter Blast

Bubble Shooter Blast thumb
Pop all the bubbles in this simple yet highly addicting bubble shooter game that you won’t be able to get enough of. Play Bubble Shooter Blast large

Bubble Shooter Blast is a highly engaging and immersive bubble shooter game that you should definitely look into if you want a refined and addicting bubble shooting experience that lives up to every single expectation that one would have from a high-end game of this genre. It’s worth mentioning, though, that the game is best played on Bluestacks as this platform will allow you to enjoy smooth frame-rates as well as the best visuals thereby leading to a much more enjoyable experience.

Bubble Shooter Blast, as you’d expect, features level-based gameplay and each level consists of loads of bubbles that you’ll have to pop by shooting bubbles of identical color onto groups of three or more. The core gameplay is quite enjoyable on its own but Bubble Shooter Blast elevates it even further with the various boosters that players can utilize to get some assistance. The variety of levels in this game is quite impressive as well so you’ll definitely be hooked for quite some time if you choose to get into it.

The graphics of Bubble Shooter Blast don’t necessarily push the genre to new heights but they’re highly appealing overall thanks to the detailed backgrounds, vibrant color scheme, sharp looking bubbles and, of course, the gorgeous special effects and animations that the game comes with. Overall, Bubble Shooter Blast is a captivating bubble shooter game that delivers on all fronts and doesn’t leave a thing to be desired.