Bubble Shooter

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Enjoy this straightforward yet highly addicting game that demonstrates why this genre has remained so popular over the years. Play Bubble Shooter large

It’s rare that we come across a game that has the same name as its actual genre but that seems to be the case with Bubble Shooter. This is, overall, a stellar bubble shooter game that does an excellent job of executing the core fundamentals of this genre to make for a highly engaging experience for the players. The game might not come with any out of the box elements but is still absolutely worth checking out if you’re on the hunt for a high-end bubble shooter.

The gameplay of Bubble Shooter, as one would expect, is level-based and, in each level, you’ll be tasked with completing the objective which you’ll have to do by shooting bubbles and making matches of the identical color. The level design of the game is spot-on, the core gameplay mechanics are smooth and very high-end and the game comes with thousands of levels for players to go through so it’ll certainly have you hooked for quite some time if you choose to get into it.

The graphics of Bubble Shooter are absolutely gorgeous. The background artwork in each level is spot-on, the bubbles themselves look sharp, the colors are lively and there are lots of great special effects to enjoy as you progress through the game. Overall, Bubble Shooter is a stellar game and we recommend that you play it on Bluestacks if you wish to have the smoothest and most immersive gameplay experience possible.