Bubble Island 2

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Enjoy this addicting sequel to one of the most popular bubble shooting games out there. Play Bubble Island 2 large

Bubble Island 2 is the sequel to the original Bubble Island which was no doubt among the most flawlessly designed and engaging bubble shooter games available when it first surfaced and Bubble Island 2 does an excellent job of carrying forward everything that made the original great while making tweaks that elevate the experience to a whole new level. It’s worth highlighting, though, that the game is best played on Bluestacks so, if you want to get the smoothest possible frame-rates and the highest quality visual experience, we recommend playing this game there.

At its core, Bubble Island 2 features the same fundamental bubble shooter design that revolves around shooting bubbles and making matches to complete levels but, alongside this, Bubble Island 2 comes with various different twists that add more depth to the gameplay and make the whole experience much more enjoyable as a whole such as various kinds of highly powerful boosters that can be used in various creative ways and the ability to hit skill-shots which are basically shots in which you utilize physics to your advantage to get a bubble into a hard to reach spot.

The graphics of Bubble Island 2 are extremely high quality as well. The in-game artwork behind every level is beautifully detailed and the in-game objects themselves look quite sharp. The color scheme is lively and vibrant, the animations are all insanely fluid and, overall, Bubble Island 2 is truly a delight in terms of graphics. All said and done, if you’re on the hunt for a truly high-end bubble shooter experience, Bubble Island 2 is the game to play.