Bubble Bubble POP: Rescue Elf

Bubble Bubble POP: Rescue Elf thumb
Save the elves in this simple yet addicting bubble shooter game that’ll have you hooked for hours upon hours. Play Bubble Bubble POP: Rescue Elf large

Bubble Bubble POP: Rescue Elf is a thoroughly entertaining bubble shooter game that might not have any groundbreaking or truly innovative elements to it but is still a highly enjoyable game as it offers the trademark experience that bubble shooters have always been known for but, before we go into any further detail, we want to highlight that the best way to play this game is on Bluestacks as it’ll enable you to get the best possible visual experience as well as a smooth frame-rate.

The gameplay of Bubble Bubble POP: Rescue Elf, as you’d expect, features a level-based design and, in each level, you’ll have to pop bubbles by shooting to make matches of identically colored bubbles until you complete the assigned objective. There are different power-ups, known as skills in-game, that you’ll be able to unlock and use as the game goes on and these are quite impactful and can turn the tide of even the most difficult levels in your favor if you use them properly so, overall, the core gameplay definitely doesn’t disappoint.

The graphics of Bubble Bubble POP: Rescue Elf feature detailed looking in-game objects, sharp and high definition background artwork, stunning animations and, of course, a vibrant color scheme to perfectly tie all of this together so you can be certain that Bubble Bubble POP: Rescue Elf is a treat to look at. Overall, bubble shooter fans definitely should not pass up on this game as it’s quite highly quality.