Brave Nine

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Build your own army of powerful heroes in this addicting strategy RPG of epic proportions.
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Brave Nine is a game that’s highly recommended for fans of the RPG genre who are looking for a gameplay experience that revolves primarily around strategic thinking instead of fast-paced button mashing. The game consists of a very well thought out combat system as well as an array of other features that are constantly going to have you coming back for more once you start playing.

There’s a lot to praise Brave Nine for but one of the game’s biggest highlights is, without a doubt, its combat. In each battle, you’ll get to charge your forces into battle and, while you won’t have any control once a battle actually commences, you’ll have total autonomy beforehand. You can adjust almost every single aspect of your army according to your liking such as which units it consists of and even the exact positioning of each unit. Brave Nine also features both PvP and PvE elements so both competitive and casual players are sure to find something that they’ll enjoy.

The graphics of Brave Nine are top-tier. The game features meticulously crafted units and battlefields, multitudes of gorgeous special effects to enjoy during battle and a delightful anime-inspired art style that doesn’t cease to impress. Overall, if you’re on the hunt for an epic strategy RPG then Brave Nine is a worthwhile choice.