Bike Parking 2017 - Motorcycle Racing Adventure 3D

Bike Parking 2017 - Motorcycle Racing Adventure 3D thumb
Immerse yourself in the world of professional bikers and learn the basics for being an awe-inspiring driver. Play Bike Parking 2017 - Motorcycle Racing Adventure 3D large

If you failed your driver exam at the testing center, don’t feel bad, because we have the perfect solution for you. A Realistic simulator that shows you the basics behind parking in all kinds of situations, as Bike Parking offers the gamer many levels so you can practice your parking in every way.

First impression on this game is that it is really extreme, since you have all these bright colors and sick motorcycles with drivers that are all geared up, but speed and crazy maneuvers aren’t the point here, because Bike Parking is all about precision and keeping a steady driving.

Controls are pretty intuitive and you even have some options to make it more interesting like a Nitro boost to reach your parking destination faster, but remember that you need to develop your skills at safe driving. If you crash the obstacles or other vehicles you’re not going to clear all the different stages.

Backgrounds are pretty amazing and well detailed, as you can easily spot any complication on your way and enjoy the lovely city around you in the day mode or the night mode. Unless you’re the reincarnation of Evel Knievel, you’re doing to find out that driving and parking some of these high-speed heavy bikes is actually a tough task.

If you wish to master driving and parking in extreme and challenging situations, this is your chance. Bike Parking is a game developed to help you test your critical thinking, as it makes you take quick decisions and put them in practice. If we combined that with more than 100 missions, a great soundtrack and many different high-speed bikes we obtained one very good parking simulator for all the bike lovers.